Tinos Quarry Platform

Tinos Quarry Platform supports artists with a process-focused residency program on the island of Tinos. Administrated by Tinos Quarry Platform and the Cultural Foundation of Tinos and is taking place at the village Isternia of Tinos.

The artists have a unique opportunity to gain experience with the local tradition and culture of Tinos. The island is inspiring by long tradition in visual arts.

Our primary aim is to enable our residents to create new pathways in their work, by cultivating an atmosphere that encourages experimentation.

We believe that research, experimentation, and the pursuit of new ideas are vital steps in the progress of culture, and that the creative community shall safeguard, space for them. We provide an alternative organizational model and significant opportunities for this community in an independent environment. Our free residencies encourage process and creative thinking.

The area is quite isolated but highly inspiring, which means it is perfect for artists that seek the focus and concentration to take their practice further.

Objectives of the project

  • to create of a platform for encounters between artists, curators, art historians and the public, resulting in an intercultural debate and communication
  • to stimulate international contemporary artists from different disciplines to get them acquainted and exchange ideas
  • to promote contemporary art in all its diverse forms within an international context
  • to stimulate creativity through direct contact with nature and a respect for the environment
  • to establish workshops, exhibitions, and open-air art events in the regional area of Tinos
  • to reach a wider audience

Project team

  • Petros Touloudis, initiator-project coordinator
  • Nikola Dietrich, guest curator for 2018
  • Elisa Calosi, project coordinator


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