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The residencies take place in the period from May to July. This programme invites artists, curators and theoreticians — voices from various fields and countries — to collaborate on curated process-based projects in the vast Cycladic landscape in the middle of the Aegean Archipelago. This programme works with invited artists and curators, only, and has not issued an open call so far.

Short term residencies in isolated and preserved village on Tinos island in Greece are free of charge.

Tinos Quarry Platform provides housing and studio facilities with the particular aim of supporting process and experimentation. Residencies last for a month, an allotment which is determined at the time of acceptance between residents and the project’s staff.

 The shapes of residencies are largely determined by the residents themselves.

At the end of the period, the annual group exhibition with the participants artists is organized. The exhibition takes place  in the building of the Cultural Foundation of Tinos at the capital city of the island.


Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Collage, Research, Writing, Performance, Community-driven work, Land-based, Ephemeral


Tinos Quarry Platform is situated in the village of Isternia at the southwest side of Tinos island. This mountainous village is located 325 meters above the sea level.

The facilities of Tinos Quarry Platform are well suited for sculpture, painting, drawing, collage, research, writing, performance, and work that is community-driven, land-based, or ephemeral.

Tinos Quarry Platform invites artists to work in this serene environment and encourages the interaction with the local community and culture. The openness of the rocky mountainous landscape, contributes to an intense focus on individual practice.

Residents are housed in a single bedroom each of a large house which is settled on the slop of the mountain facing a stunning view to the Aegean Archipelago. They are provided with a kitchen set-up and bedrooms. The project provides basic internet and all other standard utilities.

Each resident is given a shared studio in a historical building formerly occupied as a public school in the village of Isternia, which is a walking distance from the residents housing.


Paid by the organization

  • Accommodation
  • Studios
  • Travel expenses from Athens to Tinos island to Athens
  • Materials
  • Logistics
  • Travel expenses from her/his country

Paid by artist

  • Food
  • Supplies


  • Workshops
  • Presentations / Lectures
  • Group exhibition

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